Vol 5. Issue 29 / October 3, 2005

John J. Moores Donates $4 Million to Scripps Research to Combat Parasitic Diseases Afflicting Millions
- The gift will establish the Worm Institute for Research and Medicine at Scripps Research to develop diagnostic tools that public health practitioners could use in the field to detect parasitic worms.

Click Chemistry Meets Materials Science - Research Associate David Diaz is fascinated by gels.

Waterman-Storer Wins NIH Director's Pioneer Award

Liu Awarded Hertz Fellowship

Scripps Research Breaks Ground for Construction of Scripps Florida Campus

Chemistry of a Conference

Mammalian Transcriptome Mapped, and It Makes Antisense

Mysterious Molecules Begin to Yield Their Secrets

Scientists Describe Smoker's Enzyme

In the Eye of the Be-Folder

How Do You Spell Recognition? C-O-R-E-C-E-P-T-O-R

"Memory" of Nicotine Lingers in the Brain, Say Scripps Research Scientists
- Scientists are reporting the results of one of the first studies looking at the long-term neurological effects of nicotine addiction on the brain's reward system, and their findings may have significant implications for people who are trying to quit smoking.