Vol 5. Issue 14 / April 25, 2005

Wanted: Talent
Human Resources will host a career fair May 25 on the La Jolla campus as part of its ongoing efforts to recruit outstanding employees to Scripps Research.

Talking the Talk - What are the keys to successful public speaking?

Click Chemistry Draws Attention

Vasco Liberal Wins Lance Armstrong Foundation Award


Why Do Amyloid Diseases Strike Different Tissues?

Drive to Discover: An Interview with Peter Vogt

The Latest Results for a New Theory About Fragile X Syndrome

CD1 in Prime Time

Cooperation is Key—A New Way of Looking at MicroRNA and How it Controls Gene Expression

Good Molecules Gone Bad: When Interferons Interfere with the Wrong Thing

Scientists Describe Antibody that Neutralizes Most HIV Strains

Aneuploidy Matters - Professor Jerold Chun and his colleagues are suggesting that "aneuploidy"—a process in which cells completely gain or lose whole chromosomes—may be part of the normal functioning of the brain.