Vol 5. Issue 5 / February 7, 2005

Another Milestone: Publication Provides First Scientific Report of Scripps Florida Labs - “This report should provide an important reference for those interested in how the science is developing at Scripps Florida,” says Keith McKeown, vice president for communications and public relations.

Deborah Mosca - Meet Deborah Mosca, the new Scripps Research senior director of business development.


A Third Man Identified

Jet Lag—Not All in Your Head

A Fresh Look at Cystic Fibrosis

Propagating Immunology

Small Molecule Shuts Off Gene Expression and Keeps Cancer in Check

"Fossil Record" of the Human Immune System Reveals Antibodies that Block Cancer Metastasis

Innate Immunity Up Close

Molecular Component of Innate Immunity Discovered - Professor Bruce Beutler, Research Associate Kasper Hoebe, and their colleagues have identified one of the molecules that mediates innate immune recognition—CD36.