Vol 5. Issue 4 / January 31, 2005

New Instrument Offers Fast, High Quality Results - "The new sequencer is a cutting-edge instrument," says Phil Ordoukhanian, who directs the Scripps Research nucleic acids core facility. "It offers some of the best technology on the market."

John Shimashita - Meet John Shimashita, research assistant in the Center for Nucleic Acids Research.



Jet Lag—Not All in Your Head

A Fresh Look at Cystic Fibrosis

Propagating Immunology

Small Molecule Shuts Off Gene Expression and Keeps Cancer in Check

"Fossil Record" of the Human Immune System Reveals Antibodies that Block Cancer Metastasis

Innate Immunity Up Close

A Third Man Identified - Professor Gary Bokoch and colleagues have identified an enzyme called chronophin—which until now has been a mysterious "third man" in many fundamental cellular processes.