Vol 3. Issue 32 / October 25, 2004

Soccer for Scientists - "Almost every day, we spend most of our time in the lab," says Research Associate Seongho Moon, who organizes a soccer team composed of players from The Scripps Research Institute and nearby biomedical organizations. "We need physical activity to refresh our brains."

Bob Turner - Meet Bob Turner, director of the Scripps Research BioMedical Graphics Department.

Ernest Beutler Elected to Institute of Medicine

A Simple Strategy for Blocking HIV Transmission Proves Effective in Pre-Clinical Trials

Study Suggests Component of Volcanic Gas May Have Played a Significant Role in the Origins of Life on Earth

NIH Awards $14.5 Million, Five-Year Grant to Scripps Research

A New Wrinkle in Methamphetamine Abuse: Immune Tolerance

Stem Cell Therapy Holds Promise for People with Untreatable Blindness

Mechanical Biology: Research on the Leading Edge


From Molecules to Medicine: Understanding Gap Junction Channels - Recently, Professor Mark Yeager and collaborators combined the results of electron crystallography and computational modeling to derive a hypothetical molecular structure for gap junction channels, work that may shed light on a variety of diseases.