Will Ray of Palm Beach County Promoted to Vice President of External Affairs
"It is a personal honor to serve Scripps Research on both coasts and an honor for Florida that California has brought a Floridian on to the Scripps Research senior management team," says new VP Will Ray.

Skaggs Oxford Program Names First Scholars
Graduate students Erin Scherer and Joanna Rawling will be the first two participants in the Skaggs Oxford Scholarships Program, a joint graduate program in biology, chemistry, and biochemistry at Scripps Research and Oxford University.

Scripps Research Investigators Top Scientific Journal List
The scientific journal Angewandte Chemie has published a list of authors with the most publications in the journal between 1994 and 2003. Five Scripps Research investigators are on the list: K.C. Nicolaou—at the top of the list with 97 publications—Chi-Huey Wong, Julius Rebek, Jr., K. Barry Sharpless, and Phil Baran.


Inflammation and the Brain
"In order to understand how things affect the brain, you have to understand it on many levels-from the behavioral down to the molecular—and be able to integrate all these levels," says Associate Professor Donna Gruol.