Genetic Mutation That Protects Against HIV Confers No Resistance to Plague, Scripps Research Scientists Find
A group of Scripps Research scientists has provided strong evidence that a popular hypothesis concerning the origins of a genetic mutation that protects against HIV is wrong.

Where Are They Now? Alumnus "Satchin" Panda
Satchidananda Panda (class of '01) recalls that at Scripps Research "students are largely treated as junior colleagues."

Abagyan Honored by Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
Professor Ruben Abagyan of Scripps Research recently delivered an annual award lecture, the Princess' Lecture, for the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, a basic cardiovascular biology research institute in Sydney, Australia.

Nano-Origami: Scientists Create Single, Clonable Strand of DNA That Folds into an Octahedron
Scientists have designed, constructed, and imaged a single strand of DNA that spontaneously folds into a highly rigid, nanoscale octahedron that is several million times smaller than the length of a standard ruler.