In Brief

Why Did Research Computing Cross the Road?
Research Computing is bringing its antivirus seminar "across the road" on Monday, October 6 at noon in CarrB/CIMBio Room 107. The seminar "Antivirus and You—The First Line of Defense" will help you become more familiar with the McAfee Antivirus software, and teach you how to check for the latest virus definition files, download new definition files, and maintain safe computing habits.

All TSRI employees can download McAfee VirusScan from the Research Computing web site. TSRI employees are authorized to install and use McAfee VirusScan on any campus computer AND on any home computer they own while employed at TSRI.

Good News about Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts
If you participate in the Health Care Spending Account or if you are thinking about enrolling during Open Enrollment in November, Benefits Administration has good news to share! The IRS has recently ruled that over-the-counter drugs can be paid for with pre-tax dollars through a health care flexible spending account. The ruling applies to medicines and drugs purchased by an employee without a physician's prescription when used for medical care. These include allergy and cold medications, pain relievers, and antacids. Vitamins and other dietary supplements, including weight loss medication, that are simply beneficial to general health are not reimbursable. Other non-reimbursable items include band-aids, gauze and toothpaste. The ruling is retroactive to January 1, 2003, so receipts for any over-the-counter medications purchased in 2003 can be submitted to Barney and Barney for reimbursement with a completed request for reimbursement form. For more information, contact Barney and Barney at (858) 587-7437 or Benefits Administration at x4-8487 or



Pilot Project: Point-of-Information Screen
If you have been in the Beckman Building lately, you may have noticed a new feature on the ground floor between the elevators. A point-of-information screen has been installed on a trial basis as an additional source of information about campus events, primarily scientific lectures and seminars. For more information, contact the Office of Communications, x4-8133.