In Brief

Wittmann Wins First Prize in Photomicrography Competition
Research Associate Torsten Wittmann of the Waterman-Storer lab has won first place in the Nikon International Small World Competition, which is dedicated to furthering creativity and excellence in photomicrography. Wittmann's entry, which was featured recently in The New York Times, captured filamentous actin and microtubules (structural proteins) in mouse fibroblasts (cells) (1000x). The contest's 20 top photographs will tour museums in 16 cities between December 2003 and January 2005.

Curious About Long-Term Care?
Will you need long-term care services in the future? If so, how will you pay for the cost? Long-term care, the kind of assistance required when you need help with personal care, is often needed after an accident, sudden serious illness, or chronic disease. Age or frailty may also be contributing factors.

TSRI offers employees the opportunity to enroll themselves and other family members in a Long-Term Care Insurance program available through UNUM during the upcoming Open Enrollment in November. To learn more about TSRI's long-term care options, please join Benefits Administration for a special presentation by UNUM on Wednesday, October 8 from 1 to 2 PM in the Keck Amphitheater, Beckman Building.

Estate Planning: What It Is, Why It Matters
Benefits Administration is pleased to have Fidelity Investments host an estate planning workshop. This basic workshop is designed to let you know what estate planning is and why it should matter to you. The workshop will walk you through some common estate planning tools and teach you how to protect what you've worked so hard to earn. This presentation will be held on Wednesday, October 1, from noon to 2 PM, in the Keck Amphitheater, Beckman Building.



Visa Presentation Now Online

The seminar "Visa Stamp Renewal and Travel Issues, 2003 Update" hosted by the TSRI International Office earlier this month drew a standing-room-only crowd. Here, Director of the International Office Thom Barnett (left) introduces immigration attorney Fausta Albi, who spoke on recent changes to the visa renewal process with attorney Grace Zimmerman.