In Brief

Society of Fellows Presents Fall Research Symposium
The Society of Fellows at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) presents the 2002 Fall Research Symposium, Friday, October 25, in both the Beckman Building's W.M. Keck Foundation Amphitheater and the The Skaggs Institute Building's THE COMMITTEE Lecture Hall. Coffee and snacks will be provided, and a $600 travel awards will be given to the speakers who gives the best talk. A reception will be held at 4:30 following the afternoon sessions in the Beckman Building Galleria. The agenda is as follows.

STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY (Keck Foundation Amphitheater, BCC)
9 AM, Keynote speaker Linda Hsieh-Wilson, California Institute of Technology, "Using Chemistry to Explore Molecular Mechanisms in the Brain"
9:45–10:00 AM, Lisa Craig, John Tainer Lab
10:00–10:15 AM, Dennis W. Wolan, Ian Wilson Lab
10:15–10:30 AM, Ronald Brudler, Elizabeth Getzoff Lab
10:30–10:45 AM, Coffee Break
10:45–11:00 AM, Gino Cingolani, Larry Gerace Lab
11:00–11:15 AM, Dan Calarese, Ian Wilson Lab
11:15–11:30 AM, Jinghua Tang, John Johnson Lab

CHEMISTRY (Keck Foundation Amphitheater, BCC)
2:00 PM, Keynote speaker Dewey McCafferty, The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, "Combating Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics"
2:40–2:55 PM, Keith M. Wilcoxen, M. Reza Ghadiri Lab
2:55–3:15 PM, Roshan M. Kumar, Gerald F. Joyce Lab
3:15–3:30 PM, John Blankenship, Phil Dawson Lab
3:30–3:50 PM, Coffee Break
3:50–4:05 PM, Plachikkat K Radha, James Williamson Lab
4:05–4:20 PM, Winston C. Tse, Dale Boger Lab
4:20–4:35 PM, Donmienne D. M. Leung, Dale Boger Lab

9:00 AM, Keynote speaker Mark Tuszynski, The University of California, San Diego, "Axonal Regeneration in the Adult CNS: Balancing Inhibition with Growth"
9:45–10:00 AM, Natalie L. Prigozhina, Clare Waterman-Storer Lab
10:00–10:15 AM, Antje Gohla, Gary Bokoch Lab
10:15–10:30 AM, Sean Ryder, James Williamson Lab
10:30–10:45 AM, Coffee Break
10:45–11:00 AM, Laurence Florens, John Yates Lab
11:00–11:15 AM, David Granville, Roberta Gottlieb Lab
11:15–11:30 AM, Astrid Visser, Kevin Sullivan Lab

2:00 PM, Keynote speaker John A.T. Young, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Cytopathic Retrovirus–Receptor Interactions"
2:40–2:55 PM, Alexander K. Nussbaum, J. Lindsay Whitton Lab
2:55–3:15 PM, Satyajit K. Mitra, David D. Schlaepfer Lab
3:15–3:30 PM, Bryan O'Neill, Floyd Romesberg Lab
3:30–3:50 PM, Karine G. Le Roch, Elizabeth A. Winzeler Lab
3:50–4:05 PM, Coffee Break
4:05–4:20 PM, Ralph Feuer, J. Lindsay Whitton Lab
4:20–4:35 PM, D. Calarese, Ian Wilson Lab

TRSI Launches New Web Site for Kellogg School Graduate Programs
Kellogg School of Science and Technology has launched a new web site-at offering a contemporary look, easy navigation, and up-to-date information about TSRI's graduate programs.

"We want the site to reflect the extraordinary level of quality of the graduate programs and to be highly competitive with the sites of our peer institutions in attracting the very best students," says Robin Clark, TSRI's director of web-based communications. "It's the entry way to a positive environment for prospective and current enrollees."

The new site features a welcome from the president, the dean, and the associate deans, as well as descriptions of faculty research, pictures of the campus, and links to related information, including news, lectures, and student resources.

Keith McKeown, vice president of communications and public relations, notes that the update is part of a larger effort to strengthen TSRI's identity by increasing access to useful information about all of the institute's many programs and activities.

For more information about the site, contact Jann Coury, x4-8245 or email

TSRI Sports News
SOFTBALL: For the third straight year, Team Maintenance, led by Dan Schrokosch, has secured the TSRI Softball League championship. Team Maintenance, supported by Yung's Cafe & Catering, includes: Dan Schrokosch, Tony Briggs, Randy Lucas, Keith Chipp, Mark Feiner, "Mack Daddy" Ford, "Mack$" Ford, Leonard Jones, Candy Jones, Josh Jones, Jeremy Jones, Diana Smith, Leslie Nielsen, Tanya Paschke, Kim Magie, Denise Huff, and Doug Belding.

BOWLING: The winning team is "The Usual Suspects"—composed of Dave and Missy Kastner, Scott Krahl, and Kit and Dawn Grogg.

Workshop: "Writing Your First NIH Grant"

A workshop, "Writing Your First NIH Grant: Administration, Science, and the Review Process," will be held on Thursday, October 24, from 1 to 4 PM, in the Keck Amphitheater, Beckman Building. The event, which is sponsored by the Society of Fellows and the Human Resources Department, will cover:

  • Part I: Administration of Grants, with speakers including Betty Chastain, Roberta Gottlieb, Fred Heaton, Don Mosier, Luc Teyton, and Curtis Wilson.

  • Part II: Writing Grants, Review Process, with speakers including Michael McHeyzer-Williams, David Nemazee, and Luc Teyton.

  • Part III: Panel Discussion, with speakers including David Nemazee, Michael McHeyzer-Williams, Hugh Rosen, and Sandy Schmidt.

For more information, contact Luc Teyton,



Soup's On!

Faculty Club members and potential members relaxed, mingled, and sampled culinary delicacies such as squash soup at the club's open house last Wednesday. "Thank you very much to all who came to the open house and made it the wonderful event that it turned out to be," said Faculty Club Coordinator Nancy Shoenmakers. For more information on the Faculty Club or caterers at the event, contact Shoenmakers, x4-2844, or see the Faculty Club web page.