TSRI Kellogg School's Entering Class

Number of Students Entering TSRI Kellogg School of Science and Technology's Ph.D. Programs: 36

Number of Women: 14

Number of Men: 22

Number in Chemistry Program: 20

Number in Macromolecular and Cellular Structure and Chemistry (MCSC) Program: 16

Undergraduate Institutions Include: Stanford University, Tsinghua University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Maryland, Northwestern University, University of California at Berkeley, New York City University, Cornell University, McGill University, Swarthmore College...

Citizens of: U.S.A., Canada, China, Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Poland, and India.

Number of Forms to Fill Out Upon Arrival at TSRI: 15

First Major Event: The Graduate Student Retreat on Shelter Island, Friday, September 6.

What's New About the Retreat This Year: A social event after the scientific presentations.

Age of TSRI's Graduate Program: 13 years

Latest Ranking of TSRI Graduate Programs by U.S. News&World Report: Chemistry Program, sixth (subspecialty of organic chemistry second); MCSC Program, ninth.

Some Reasons This Year's Entering Students Chose TSRI: "[TSRI] was the best place for me. There are so many professors to choose from."—Nadia Haq

"The research here was most in line with what I want to do—work on the interface of chemistry and biology. That is happening here more than at other schools."—Katy Barglow

"It was a very hard choice. I was torn between Scripps and MIT. In the end I liked the faculty here more. I feel I will be better able to work with them."—David Lin

"I was a technician in the Ghadiri lab last year. Now I will be joining the lab as a graduate student."—Maneesh Yadav




First-year students fill out forms upon arrival at TSRI. Clockwise from left to right: Nadia Haq, Young-Soo Kim, David Lin, Maneesh Yadav, and Katy Barglow. Photo by Jason Bardi.