Adult Stem Cells Selectively Delivered into the Eye and Used to Control Angiogenesis
A team of researchers from TSRI has discovered a way to use adult bone marrow stem cells to form new blood vessels in the eye or to deliver chemicals that will prevent the abnormal formation of new vessels.

Eschenmoser Wins Oparin Medal
The Oparin Medal, the highest recognition of the International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life, has been given to TSRI Professor Albert Eschenmoser. The award is given every six years to the scientist deemed to have "had the best sustained scientific research program in the origin of life field."

Rebek Wins Chemical Pioneer Award
Julius Rebek, Jr., director of the Skaggs Institute at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), has won an American Institute of Chemists (AIC) Chemical Pioneer Award, which recognizes "extraordinary achievement in the chemistry or chemical engineering fields."

Wilson Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Ian Wilson, professor in TSRI's Department of Molecular Biology and member of the Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology, has been elected to membership of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Thirteen TSRI Graduate Students Awarded Fellowships
Thirteen TSRI graduate students have recently distinguished themselves by winning fellowships for the next academic year.

Snapshot: Leonard Jones
Meet Leonard Jones, TSRI maintenance technician and swatter in TSRI's softball league.

The Practical Dream of Cancer Therapies and Vaccines

TSRI Immunology Professor Ralph Reisfeld dares to dream of new approaches to cancer treatment and prevention.