Leonard Jones

Position: Maintenance technician.

Duties: Acting as an all-purpose handyman—building shelves, constructing cabinets, renovatinging bathrooms, replacing floors, changing light bulbs, moving furniture, and completing other special projects. "My main function is to keep the labs up and running and the scientists happy."

Hours: 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, "Although I got in at 6:30 AM today. If we are working in a lab, whenever possible we try to finish up before the lab work starts."

Favorite Part of Job: "Your hard work is appreciated here."

Came to TSRI: In 1999, after long-time friend Ward Coppersmith, director of TSRI's Instrumentation Lab, kept recommending TSRI as a place to work.

Extracurricular Activities: Playing in the TSRI softball league (short stop, second base, third base) on a team with others from Engineering—and his wife, Candi, and eldest son, Joshua. "My youngest son, Jeremy, will be old enough to start playing with us soon." Jones also plays in three other San Diego softball leagues: the media league; the Serra Mesa league; and the Adams Avenue Recreation Center league. "Softball is a good outlet for my competitiveness."

Jones also enjoys fishing, and fondly recalls catching a bass eight pounds plus in every lake in San Diego.




"Your hard work is appreciated here," says Leonard Jones of work at TSRI. Photo by Kevin Fung.