Vivian Lodes

Title: Events Coordinator.

Duties: Duties include:

  • Organizing four major events per year—the TSRI-wide picnic (scheduled for July 19 this year), the annual employee recognition banquet, the annual director's meeting at the zoo, and the Shared and Support Services Holiday Party.
  • Scheduling the "floats," two administrative assistants who work full-time for TSRI, filling in where needed at the institute.
  • Scheduling TSRI employment representatives to attend job fairs sponsored by universities and community venues.
  • Coordinating the quarterly directors and managers meeting.
  • Acting as the Human Resources contact for postdocs and work-study participants.
  • Organizing orientations for new employees.

Favorite Part of Job: "Probably having met almost everyone at the institute, at least by phone." She also thrives on taking care of details.

Favorite Work Tool: Her notebook. "I record almost every call I receive."

Started at TSRI: 1996.

Promoted to Current Position: January 2002.

Background: On-the-job training in bookkeeping and accounting, work in the biotech industry.

Extracurriculars: Cooking. "I've gotten to the point where I can read a recipe and know what it will taste like." Crafts, including sewing, quilting, needlework, plastic canvas and cross-stitching. Cruises—most recently to Acapulco.

TSRI Activities: Organizing the campus weight-watchers group, which has been going strong for three years. Participating in the TSRI Craft Faire.

Pets: Two cats, Dusty (17 years old) and Mooky (one year old). "The little one keeps the older one interested in life."<




Vivian Lodes was promoted to events coordinator early this year. Photo by Kevin Fung.