Donovan Hurley

Title: Security Officer

Duties: To enhance security in the Institute for Childhood and Neglected Diseases (ICND) Building by checking IDs, asking visitors to sign in, and staying at his post.

Started at TSRI: 2000.

Background: One and a half years in the San Diego Police Department, degree in accounting from San Marcos College.

Thoughts on His Job: "This is the best security job I've ever worked. It's a professional operation here. I'm also inspired by being around so many educated people."

Extracurriculars: Running a vending machine business in Leucadia, reading three or four books—both fiction and nonfiction—per week, learning German, fencing (with real rapiers), and handcrafting chain mail jackets and headpieces.





Security Officer Donovan Hurley worked with the San Diego Police Department before coming to TSRI. Photo by Kevin Fung.