Shane Blade

Title: Shipping/Receiving Specialist


  • Trouble-shooting problems with deliveries;
  • Tracking people who move, so shipments can be forwarded. "I try to stay one step ahead. I keep track of the construction projects on campus to get an idea of who is moving where."
  • Shipping of hazardous materials according to proper regulations, "The FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] can pull any package off a plane and check it. The fine to the sender is at least $27,500 for any violation."
  • Helping to deliver capital equipment;
  • Updating the database and taking care of paperwork;
  • Instructing new TSRI employees on how to use Central Stores, the storeroom on campus which stocks the most commonly used supplies at the institute—such as stationary, sterile water, and saline solution. "I give people my 'starter kit.'"

Qualifications: Ten years at TSRI, HazMat (hazardous materials) government certification.

Favorite Part of Job: The give and take with other Shipping/Receiving staff. Blade also enjoys the responsibility of his job, the freedom of the work environment, and the good management of his group. "Tom Gilmartin and Dave Kastner are the best guys to work for."

Home Life: House in Clairemont with "a cat, a bird, and a wife." Blade met his wife, who works at TSRI, making deliveries. "One lunch led to another, and then dinner..." They were married last year in June.

Extracurricular: Bowling, making home repairs, playing the flute ("I hear it from the guys about that one").





Specialist Shane Blade helps keep Shipping/Receiving operations running smoothly. Photo by Kevin Fung.