In Brief

Kelly Wins Arthur C. Cope Award

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) Professor Jeffery Kelly has won the 2001 American Chemical Society Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award, which recognizes excellence in the field of organic chemistry. Kelly, who has been with TSRI since 1997, is vice president for academic affairs and dean of graduate studies. He receives the award for his work in the Department of Chemistry.

Kelly’s research seeks to elucidate the chemistry and biology of peptides and proteins and to develop new ways of manipulating these properties through small molecule design. He employs organic synthesis, DNA recombination, and spectroscopic and biophysical methods to this end.

Particularly of interest to Kelly are the biophysical causes, neurological effects, and methods of prevention of amyloid fiber formation in diseases like Alzheimer’s. His lab is also interested in a number of related topics, including aqueous beta-sheet formation, controlled self-assembly, materials science, and bioavailability.

Kelly will receive the award in August at an American Chemical Society meeting in Chicago.

Schultz Wins Alfred Bader Award

TSRI Professor Peter Schultz has won the 2001 Alfred Bader Award in Bioinorganic or Bioorganic Chemistry from the American Chemical Society.

Schultz, who has been at TSRI since 1999, conducts research that aims to combine the tools and principles of chemistry with the molecules and processes of living cells to create molecules with new properties and functions. By studying the structure and function of the resulting molecules, Schultz gains insight into the molecular mechanisms of complex biological and chemical systems.

Schultz’s research, which spans the interface of biology, chemistry, and materials science, includes:

  • the development of catalytic antibodies;
  • the application of molecular diversity to problems in biomolecular recognition and catalysis, drug discovery, and materials science;
  • the development of methods for incorporating unnatural amino acids and base pairs selectively into proteins and nucleic acids, respectively;
  • single-molecule biological imaging;
  • functional genomics.

Schultz will receive the award in August at an American Chemical Society meeting.

TSRI Bonds Upgraded

Moody’s Investors Service has upgraded the rating on TSRI bonds from A1 to Aa3, affecting bonds issued through the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank. According to Moody’s Investors Service, the upgrade is based on TSRI’s “excellent research funding prospects as one of the nation’s top biomedical research institutions; continued growth of the institute’s financial resource levels, fueled by favorable investment returns and private gifts; and flexible, well-managed operations providing solid annual coverage of manageable debt service..."

Daffodil Days Fundraiser in Full Bloom until February 28

Time is running out to support the American Cancer Society's Daffodil Days fund-raiser, which supports cancer research and education in California. All orders (with payment) must be in by Wednesday, February 28. The delivery date for the flowers is expected to be Monday, March 19th.

Available for purchase this year are:

  • Bouquet of 10 daffodils $10
  • Bouquet of 10 daffodils w/cobalt blue vase $15
  • Vision Arrangement w/20 daffodils & vase $30
  • Spring Arrangement w/30 daffodils & vase $55
  • Corporate Arrangement w/50 daffodils & vase $110
  • Gift of Hope (anonymous donation) $15 (or any amount)

Please make checks payable to The American Cancer Society.

Gift of Hope donations support the delivery of bouquets to cancer patients undergoing treatment at local healthcare facilities. In addition to the bouquet, cancer patients and their families receive educational materials and information on services available to them from specially trained volunteers.

The following ScrippsAssists volunteers are available to take your order:

For more information, contact Janet Hightower, x4-8233 or email

English-as-a-Second-Language Class Begins

A new English-as-a-second-language class will begin Tuesday, March 6. The class meets from 6:30 to 8:30 PM on Tuesday evenings in the west conference room of the Immunology building. The price for three months (12 classes) is $60.

Each intermediate-level English class is divided into speaking and listening; idioms and vocabulary; and reading and writing. The instructor, Cassandra Wadkins, uses movies, games, television shows, grammar books, songs, drawings, and novels to teach standard American English. Have fun and learn English at the same time! For more information, leave a message at x4-2176.