The Scripps Research Institute and ShangPharma Innovation Announce Translational Research Collaboration

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) and ShangPharma Innovation, Inc. (SPII) today announced a strategic collaboration to accelerate the development of innovative drug candidates through scientific collaboration, a services relationship with Shanghai ChemPartner Co. Ltd. (ChemPartner), and sponsored research at TSRI and its drug discovery affiliate, California Institute for Biomedical Research (Calibr). The parties aim to leverage the drug discovery pipeline, expertise, and momentum emerging from the TSRI and Calibr affiliation announced late last year.

SPII facilitates and accelerates drug discovery by offering funding, incubator space, and other essential support to its collaborators. The partnership with TSRI marks a major new initiative for SPII to enable its mission to support therapeutic research at the earliest stages with the ultimate goal of getting innovative new treatments to patients. Under the terms of the collaboration, institute scientists will put forth translational research projects to a joint committee comprising drug discovery experts across TSRI, Calibr, and SPII. In turn, SPII will contribute cash and in-kind services totaling up to $15 million over an initial term of three years. TSRI and Calibr will retain control over assets resulting from the collaboration, with SPII receiving a significant share of future value.

“We are delighted to partner with an experienced group that has complementary infrastructure and resources,” said Peter G. Schultz, Ph.D., President of TSRI and Calibr. “This new initiative allows us to further accelerate our mission of creating new medicines for unmet needs in a nimble partnership structure designed to mature the programs before out-licensing, creating significant value for patients as well as for the institute.”

“Biomedical R&D is one of the most challenging areas of science across all disciplines and industries. Strategic partnerships often drive success in making the impossible possible. That is exactly what we plan to do in this alliance with TSRI and Calibr,” stated Walter H. Moos, Ph.D., CEO of SPII. “Unlocking the potential of top investigators at TSRI and Calibr to advance novel therapies and ultimately to save and improve lives is our joint goal.”

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