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The animated images at the right are culled out from the research sections of this website. Each heading is a major research focus in the laboratory. Click any image to link to the corresponding research page. Alternatively, you may select a specific research area from the research link on the menu at the left. This pop-out list is available throughout the website.

To see publications in a given research area, click on the publications link.

Welcome to the Janda Group Website. We've designed this site to provide to outsiders a basic introduction to our research. We especially hope that prospective graduate students and research associates might might have a glimpse of the types of research projects that are being pursued in our laboratory from the Research and Publications sections. Both are organized by research area. For those visitors here for purely bibliographical reasons, we have included keyword and journal searches on the publications pages. K.D. Janda opens Professor Janda's curriculum vitae. The Current Members section should give an accurate perspective of both group size and diversity. In addition, we have included a Former Members which lists alumni of the group. Finally, we have listed some of the press attention our research has attracted on the Press Coverage page. We hope all will find the site useful.

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