How Your PC Can Help

Now more than ever, your help is needed in the fight against AIDS. In the mid 1980's, HIV infections exploded and have continued to rise at alarming rates. Nearly twenty years later, technology has reached a point where you can make a difference by contributing the idle processing time of your computer.


AutoDock at Work
See AutoDock in Action

Here is how it works:

To support FightAIDS@Home, you simply download a free software program from World Community Grid that runs "in the background" on your computer. This is called the FightAIDS@Home client, and it processes information (in this case using the drug design software AutoDock) and evaluates prospective candidates for drug discovery. The FightAIDS@Home client uses idle processor cycles that would otherwise go to waste. FightAIDS@Home captures the otherwise wasted cycles of your computer and applies them to model the evolution of drug resistance and to design drugs necessary to fight AIDS. When your computer has finished a FightAIDS@Home computation, the FightAIDS@Home results are packed up and sent back to The Scripps Research Institute, ready for Scripps researchers to collect and analyze them.

Then when you are using your computer and it needs cycles, FightAIDS@Home instantly and automatically turns those resources back over to the program you are using.

Join FightAIDS@Home now so your computer can start making a difference!