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Chi-Huey Wong

Professor of Chemistry
Scripps Family Chair Professor
Department of Chemistry


Research Focus

Research in the Wong lab encompasses a broad spectrum of bioorganic and synthetic chemistry. Current interest is centered on the development of discovery tools for understanding the role of biological glycosylation in protein structure and function and in cancer progression, bacterial and viral infection, neurodegenerative disorder and immune response. Programmable one-pot synthesis as well as chemo-enzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharides and homogeneous glycoproteins, and design of glycan microarrays and glycosylation probes are among the tools being developed for the study of glycosylation in disease biology. The ultimate goal of our research is to identify novel glycan targets for therapeutic development, including the development of carbohydrate-based vaccines, homogeneous antibodies with optimized effector functions, and inhibitors of key enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of glycan targets. .


M.S. (Biochemical Sciences), National Taiwan University, 1977
B.S. (Biochemical Sciences), National Taiwan University, 1970
Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry), MIT (with G. M. Whitesides), 1982

Professional Experience

1989-2006 Ernest W. Hann Chair Professor of Chemistry
2006-2016 President of Academia Sinica and Professor of Chemistry at Scripps Research
2016-2019 Professor of Chemistry at Scripps Research and Academia Sinica
2019- Present, Scripps Family Chair Professor of Chemistry, Scripps Research

Awards & Professional Activities

Tetrahedron Prize for Creativity in Organic Synthesis (2022)
Chemical Pioneer Award, American Institute of Chemists (2022)
Robert A. Welch Award in Chemistry (2021)
Robert Robinson Award, The Royal Society of Chemistry, UK (2015)
The Wolf Prize in Chemistry (2014)
Arthur C. Cope Award, American Chemical Society (2012)
Professional Gold Medal, National Science Council, Taiwan (2009)
F. A. Cotton Medal for Excellence in Chemical Research, USA (2008)
Humboldt Research Award for Senior Scientists, Germany (2006)
American Chemical Society Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry (2005)
Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, USA (2000)
International Enzyme Engineering Award (1999)
Claude S. Hudson Award in Carbohydrate Chemistry, American Chemical Society (1999)
Harrison Howe Award in Chemistry, American Chemical Society (1998)
The Roy Whistler Award of International Carbohydrate Organization (1994)
Presidential Young Investigator Award in Chemistry, USA (1986‚1991)
Searle Scholar Award in Biomedical Sciences, USA (1985,1988)

Selected Publications

Koeller, K. M.; Wong, C. Enzymes for chemical synthesis. Nature 2001, 409, 232-240.

Sears, P. S.; Wong, C. Toward automated synthesis of oligosaccharides and glycoproteins. Science 2001, 291, 2344-2350.

Wong, C.; Shie, J.; Liu, Y.; Lee, Y.; Lim, C.; Fang, J. An azido-BODIPY probe for glycosylation: initiation of strong fluorescence upon triazole formation. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014, 136, 9953-9961.

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