Gary Siuzdak, PhD

Sr. Director, Scripps Center for Metabolomics
Professor of Chemistry, Molecular and Computational Biology
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Scripps Research Joint Appointments

Department of Chemistry
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Professor, Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology

Research Focus

Metabolomics and Mass Spectrometry

The Center for Metabolomics is developing mass spectrometry-based technologies for understanding metabolism. These developments include nanostructure-based imaging, cloud-based informatics, as well as a unique database to facilitate metabolite identification. Our XCMS Online informatic platform has thousands of users in over 100 different countries, and nanostructure-based mass spectrometry is a widely used matrix-free solution to tissue imaging, activity screening and analyzing nano-arrays.  The primary motivation driving these developments is the biological problems we are applying them to, examples from our lab include examining the fundamental biochemistry behind stem cell differentiation, understanding the role of the microbiome on cancer metabolism,and providing insight into pain pathology.  These studies have made me acutely aware of the power of this technology in understanding disease pathogenesis. 


Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Dartmouth

Awards & Professional Activities

University of Umea Sweden, Honorary Doctorate for Metabolomics Research
Metabolomics Society Honorary Fellow
Lorne (Australian) Keynote Lecturer
Nordic Metabolomics Society Conference Keynote Lecturer
New Zealand Mass Spectrometry Keynote Lecturer
ASMS Asilomar Clinical Metabolomics Keynote Lecturer
Metabolomics Society Conference Keynote Lecturer
Experimental Biology Keynote Lecturer

Selected References

All Publications

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