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Gary Siuzdak

Sr. Director, Scripps Center for Metabolomics
Professor of Chemistry, Molecular and Computational Biology
Research Services


Scripps Research Joint Appointments

Integrative Structural & Computational Biology

Research Focus

The Center for Metabolomics is developing mass spectrometry-based technologies to create a better understanding of metabolism. These developments include nanostructure-based imaging, cloud-based informatics, as well as a unique database to facilitate metabolite identification. Our XCMS-METLIN platform has thousands of users in over 100 different countries, and our imaging approach is a novel matrix-free technology. Overall, the primary motivation from the outset of our 30+ years at Scripps, is in identifying endogenous metabolites that modulate phenotype. These studies have made me acutely aware of the power of metabolites to understand and control disease pathogenesis.


Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry), Dartmouth, 1990
B.A. (Applied Mathematics ), Rhode Island College, 1985
B.S. (Chemistry), Rhode Island College, 1985

Awards & Professional Activities

University of Umea Sweden, Honorary Doctorate for Metabolomics Research
Metabolomics Society Honorary Fellow
Lorne (Australian) Keynote Lecturer
Nordic Metabolomics Society Conference Keynote Lecturer
New Zealand Mass Spectrometry Keynote Lecturer
ASMS Asilomar Clinical Metabolomics Keynote Lecturer
Metabolomics Society Conference Keynote Lecturer
Experimental Biology Keynote Lecturer

Selected Publications

Giera, Martin; Yanes, Oscar; Siuzdak, Gary Metabolite discovery: Biochemistry's scientific driver. Cell Metabolism 2022, 34, 21-34.

Xue, Jingchuan; Guijas, Carlos; Benton, H. Paul; Warth, Benedikt; Siuzdak, Gary METLIN MS2 molecular standards database: a broad chemical and biological resource. Nature Methods 2020, 17, 953-954.

Rinschen, Markus M M.; Ivanisevic, Julijana; Giera, Martin; Siuzdak, Gary Identification of bioactive metabolites using activity metabolomics. Nature Reviews. Molecular Cell Biology 2019, 20, 353-367.

Wikoff, William R.; Anfora, Andrew T.; Liu, Jun; Siuzdak, Gary Metabolomics analysis reveals large effects of gut microflora on mammalian blood metabolites. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2009, 106, 3698-3703.

Smith, C. A.; Want, E. J.; O'Maille, G.; Abagyan, R.; Siuzdak, Gary XCMS: Processing Mass Spectrometry Data for Metabolite Profiling Using Nonlinear Peak Alignment, Matching, and Identification. Analytical Chemistry 2006, 78, 779-787.

Wei, J.; Buriak, J. M.; Siuzdak, Gary Desorption-ionization mass spectrometry on porous silicon. Nature 1999, 399, 243-246.