Source: Interfolio F180

Michel Sanner

Professor of Molecular Biology
Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology


Research Focus

Molecular interactions, molecular graphics, component-based software

The main focus of my laboratory is the development of computational methods for the prediction of molecular interactions. We have contributed to the development several widely use software tools, including AutoDock4, and AutoDockFr for docking small molecules into proteins, F2Dock for docking proteins and most recently AutoDock CrankPep for docking peptides into proteins.

I also have a long standing interest in software engineering and we have produced versatile software components that can be assembled rapidly to produce custom applications for analyzing macromolecular structures and simulate their interactions. We have released several tools to the scientific community including PMV a general purpose molecular visualization environment, AutoDockTools (ADT) a front end to the automated docking program AutoDock and Vision, a visual programming environment in which a user can drag-and-drop computational nodes and connect them to create interactively computational pipelines that combine various computational methods in new ways without having to write code.


Ph.D. (Computer Science), University of Haute Alsace, France, 1992

Selected Publications

Sanner, M F.; Olson, A J.; Spehner, J C. Reduced surface: an efficient way to compute molecular surfaces.. Biopolymers 1996, 38, 305-20.

Reva, B A.; Finkelstein, A V.; Sanner, M; Olson, A J.; Skolnick, J Recognition of protein structure on coarse lattices with residue-residue energy functions. Protein engineering 1997, 10, 1123-30.

Osterberg, Fredrik; Morris, Garrett M.; Sanner, Michel F.; Olson, Arthur J.; Goodsell, David S. Automated docking to multiple target structures: incorporation of protein mobility and structural water heterogeneity in AutoDock.. Proteins 2002, 34-40.