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Christopher Parker

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry



Ph.D. (Chemistry), Yale University, 2013
B.S. (Chemistry), Case Western Reserve University, 2007

Professional Experience

American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellow, The Scripps Research Institute, 2013-2018

Awards & Professional Activities

2018 BMS, Bristol Myers Squibb
2020 W81XWH2010431, DOD
2021 Belharra, Belharra Therapeutics
2021 R61-NS119658, Moffit Cancer Center
2022 AbbVie
2022 R01-AI156268-01, National Institutes of Health
2022 U19AI71443-01, NIH
2022 Parker/SFP-0204, Inception Therapeutics/Parker Co
2023, CZI

Selected Publications

Parker, Christopher G.; Forrest, Ines

Proteome-Wide Fragment-Based Ligand and Target Discovery

. Israel Journal of Chemistry 2023.

Parker, Christopher; Lairson, Luke; Tang, Junchen; Li, Weichao; Chiu, Tzu-Yuan; Luo, Zengwei; Chong, Christine; Wei, Qijia; Martínez-Peña, Francisco; Gazaniga, Nathalia; See, Yi Yang; Baran, Phil

A Scalable Total Synthesis of Portimine A and B Reveals the Basis of Their Potent and Selective Anti-cancer Activity

. 2023.

parker, christopher g.; teijaro, john; gazaniga, nathalia; wozniak, jacob m.; jadhav, appaso m.; li, weichao; chiu, tzu-yuan; wang, wesley w.; lazar, daniel c.

Chemoproteomics-guided development of SLC15A4 inhibitors with anti-inflammatory activity

. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - bioRxiv 2022.

Parker, Christopher G.; Wang, Wesley W.; Chen, Li-Yun; Wozniak, Jacob M.; Jadhav, Appaso M.; Anderson, Hayden; Malone, Taylor E. Targeted Protein Acetylation in Cells Using Heterobifunctional Molecules. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2021, 143, 16700-16708.

Rubiano, Juanita S.; Parker, Christopher G.; Li, Weichao; Lawrence, R M.; Jadhav, Appaso M.; Homan, Rick A.; Hawkins, Richard; Conway, Louis P. Evaluation of fully-functionalized diazirine tags for chemical proteomic applications.. Chemical science 2021, 7839-7847.

Parker, Christopher G.; Yoo, Daniel Y.; Richards-corke, Khyle C.; Parker, Christopher G.; Hong, Seong H.; Conway, Louis P.; Arora, Paramjit S. A Sos proteomimetic as a pan-Ras inhibitor.. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2021.