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Jay Pandit

Director of Digital Medicine
Department of Molecular Medicine


Scripps Research Joint Appointments

Molecular Medicine

Research Focus

Dr. Pandit's clinical and research interests have always led him back to the intersection of medicine and technology and how it can improve the patient's clinical outcome. He has begun with in-kind loans to HIV positive farmers in Western Kenya, moved to including the patient's perspective in informed consent to weight outcomes, then with the sensor and wearable evolution his focus turned to disrupting the field of blood pressure monitoring and he pioneered a novel approach to cuffless blood pressure monitoring and eventually, moved on to all physiologic data that can be collected with smart devices and sensors with the focused desire to make them clinically relevant. As Director of Digital Medicine at SRTI, he works to advance the mission of how to personalize medicine by embracing the power of health technology.


B.A. (Biology and Social Anthropology), Stanford University, 2006
M.D. (Cardiology), University of California San Francisco, 2010
Executive (LEAD Executive Program), Stanford University Graduate School of Business, 2021

Awards & Professional Activities

2009 AMA Physicians of Tomorrow Award
2016 NASA Lifesciences and Heath Innovation Award
2016 Fogarty Institute of Innovation Challenge Finalist
2016 Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology Award
2016 Cisco Internet of Things Digital Health Innovation Award
2017 Medtech Innovator 100 Award 
2017 Pulse Mass Challenge Winner

Selected Publications

Marquez, A.; Wysocki, J.; Pandit, J.; Batlle, D. An update on ACE2 amplification and its therapeutic potential. ACTA PHYSIOLOGICA 2021, 231.

Pandit, J. A.; Miller, K.; Wu, J.; Connell, S. D.; Shah, S. Differential Pulse Arrival Time: A Novel Approach to Continuous Cuff-less Blood Pressure Monitoring. CIRCULATION 2016, 134.

Pandit, J. A.; Batlle, D. Snapshot Hemodynamics and Clinical Outcomes in Hypertension Precision in the Measurements Is Key. HYPERTENSION 2016, 67, 270-271.

Pandit, J.; Gupta, V.; Boyer, N.; Yeghiazarians, Y.; Ports, T. A.; Boyle, A. J. Patient and physician perspectives on outcomes weighting in revascularization. The POWR study. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY 2014, 177, 513-514.

Pandit, J. A.; Sirotin, N.; Tittle, R.; Onjolo, E.; Bukusi, E. A.; Cohen, C. R. Shamba Maisha: A pilot study assessing impacts of a micro-irrigation intervention on the health and economic wellbeing of HIV patients. BMC PUBLIC HEALTH 2010, 10.