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Lindsey Miles

Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology
Department of Molecular Medicine


Research Focus

Regulation of the Plasminogen Activation System

Dr. Miles studies how interactions of proteolytic systems (specifically the plasminogen activation system) with cell surfaces modulate cellular function and how cells modulate protease systems via positive feedback mechanisms. Recently, using a proteomics approach and a monocyte progenitor cell line, Dr. Miles identified a novel protein, the plasminogen receptor, Plg-RKT, which has unique properties including a transmembrane topology with a carboxyl terminal lysine exposed on the cell surface in an orientation to bind plasminogen and stimulate plasminogen activation and is colocalized with and physically associates with the urokinase type plasminogen activator receptor (uPAR). Ongoing research employs newly developed reagents including specific function-blocking anti-Plg-RKT antibodies, region specific peptide mimetics, and Plg-RKT protein expression systems to address the role of this new plasminogen receptor in inflammation and cancer progression.


Ph.D. (Biology), University of California, San Diego, 1982
B.A. (Biology), Occidental College, 1972

Awards & Professional Activities

1972 California State Scholar
1981 NHI Predoctoral Fellowship, Service Award
1985 California Heart Association Research Fellow, New Investigator Research Award
1986 Public Health Service Individual National Research
1986 Fibrinolysis Travel Award, Vienna, Austria
1988 Public Health Services
1993 First Independent Research Support and Transition Award (FIRST)
1996 American Heart Association-Smith Kline Beecham Established Investigator
2004 Elected Fellow of the International Academy of Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Haemostasis
2004 American Heart Association Special Recognition Award in Thrombosis

Selected Publications

Miles, Lindsey A.; Lighvani, S.; Baik, N.; Parmer, C. M.; Khaldoyanidi, S.; Mueller, B. M.; Parmer, R. J. New insights into the role of Plg-RKT in macrophage recruitment. International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology 2014, 309, 259-302.

Gingles, N. A.; Bai, H.; Miles, Lindsey A.; Parmer, R. J. Peptidergic regulation of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 gene expression in vivo. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2013, 11, 1707-1715.

Miles, Lindsey A.; Plow, E. F. Plasminogen receptors: ubiquitous sites for cellular regulation of fibrinolysis. Fibrinolysis 1988, 2, 61-71.

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Felez, J.; Jardi, M.; Fabregas, P.; Parmer, R. J.; Miles, Lindsey A. Monoclonal antibodies against receptor-induced binding sites detect cell-bound plasminogen in blood. Blood 2012, 120, 678-681.