Source: Interfolio F180

Mansun Law

Department of Immunology and Microbiology



Ph.D. (Virology), University of Oxford, 2001
M.Phil. (Molecular Biology), The University of Hong Kong, 1998
B.S. (Biotechnology), The University of Hong Kong, 1995

Selected Publications

Salas, J. H.; Urbanowicz, R. A.; Guest, J. D.; Frumento, N.; Figueroa, A.; Clark, K. E.; Keck, Z.; Cowton, V. M.; Cole, S. J.; Patel, A. H.; Fuerst, T. R.; Drummer, H. E.; Major, M.; Tarr, A. W.; Ball, J. K.; Law, M.; Pierce, B. G.; Foung, S. K.; Bailey, J. R. An antigenically diverse, representative panel of envelope glycoproteins for HCV vaccine development. Gastroenterology 2021, 562-574.

Yechezkel, I.; Tzarum, N.; Law, M. From Structural Studies to HCV Vaccine Design. Viruses 2021.

Chen, F.; Tzarum, N.; Lin, X.; Giang, E.; Velazquez-moctezuma, R.; Augestad, E. H.; Nagy, K.; He, L.; Hernandez, M.; Fouch, M. E.; Grinyo, A.; Chavez, D.; Doranz, B. J.; Prentoe, J.; Stanfield, R. L.; Lanford, R. E.; Bukh, J.; Wilson, I. A.; Zhu, J.; Law, M. Functional convergence of a germline-encoded neutralizing antibody response in rhesus macaques immunized with HCV envelope glycoproteins. Immunity 2021, 781-796.e4.

Olson, M. E.; Law, M.; Janda, K. D.; Giang, E.; Belz, T. F. Evaluation of a Series of Lipidated Tucaresol Adjuvants in a Hepatitis C Virus Vaccine Model. ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2020, 2428-2432.

Chen, F.; Lairson, L. L.; Law, M. Into the Unknown: A Chemical Biology Approach Provides Mechanistic Insight into HCV Entry. Cell Chemical Biology 2020, 27, 767-769.

Tzarum, N.; Giang, E.; Kadam, R. U.; Chen, F.; Nagy, K.; Augestad, E. H.; Velazquez-Moctezuma, R.; Keck, Z. Y.; Hua, Y. Z.; Stanfield, R. L.; Dreux, M.; Prentoe, J.; Foung, S. K.; Bukh, J.; Wilson, I. A.; Law, M. An alternate conformation of HCV E2 neutralizing face as an additional vaccine target. Science Advances 2020, 6.