Kim Janda, PhD

Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Professor of Chemistry
Director, Worm Institute For Research & Medicine (wirm)
Skaggs Scholar, The Skaggs Institute For Chemical Biology
Department of Chemistry


Scripps Research Joint Appointments

Department of Immunology and Microbial Science
The Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology
Faculty, Graduate Program

Research Focus

Merging of Chemistry and Biology

Our work encompasses the following areas: the development of methods for the detection of and protection against chemical/biological warfare agents, the preparation of combinatorial chemical libraries, the design/synthesis and evaluation of catalytic antibodies and enzyme inhibitors, solid-phase organic synthesis, antibody/peptide phage display libraries, the application of immunopharmacotherapy in the treatment of drug addiction and cancer, methods of prevention and treatment of obesity, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies towards neglected tropical diseases, and investigation and development of molecules that block quorum sensing in bacteria.


Ph.D. (Organic & Medicinal Chemistry), The University of Arizona, 1984
M.S. (Organic Chemistry), The University of Arizona, 1983
B.S. (Clinical Chemistry), University of South Florida, 1980

Professional Experience

-2017 Professor (Joint Appointment), Immunology and Microbial Science (IMS), Scripps Research

Awards & Professional Activities

Distinguished Seminar Lectureship Speaker, University of Minnesota, Dept. of Med. Chem., 2015
Xingda Lecturer, Peking University, College of Chemistry, China, 2015
PATH to Recovery Honoree, Parents for Addiction Treatment & Healing, 2015
Raymond N. Castle Plenary lecturer, University of South Florida, 2012
Arran Thomas Amadeo Streppa Memorial Lecturer, Sealy Center for Vaccine Development Symposium, 2012
Molecule of the Week, ACS 2010
Harvey W. McFadden, Jr. M.D. Lecture, University of Nebraska Medical Center, 2010
Harold A. Iddles Lecture, University of New Hampshire, Durham, 2010
Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa, University of Helsinki, Finland, 2009
Discover magazine's "Top 100 Science Stories of 2006" for Obesity Vaccine work, 2006
Office of Life Sciences Distinguished Lecture, National University of Singapore, 2006
Elected Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2003
Biomolecular Student Lecture, Emory University, 2003
GSO Speaker, University of North Carolina, 2003
Keynote Speaker, Graduate Student Symposium, University of Michigan, 2003
Sigma-Aldrich Lecture, Milwaukee Section ACS, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2002
Rayson Huang Visiting Lecturer, University of Hong Kong, Honk Kong, China, 2002
Shire BioChem Lecture, Universite de Montreal, Montreal, Canada, 2002
Outstanding Alumnus in Chemistry, University of South Florida, 2001
J. Clarence Karcher Lecture, University of Oklahoma, 2000
Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award, 1999
Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, 1993-1995
NIH FIRST Award, 1990-1995
Fellow, American Institute of Chemists, 1986-present
Carl S. Marvel Fellowship,University of Arizona, 1984
American Chemical Society, 1981-present
Magna Cum Laude; Phi Beta Kappa, University of South Florida, 1980
Scholar Athlete of the Year, University of South Florida, 1979-1980

Editorial Boards

Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry (Advisory Board)
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, Associate Editor, 2008 - present
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Chemical Reviews
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Tetrahedron Publications, Executive Board of Editors, 2008-present
The Botulinum Journal
Scientific Advisory Boards
Materia, Inc.
Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE), EP1 Physical Sciences

Selected References

All Publications

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