Darlene Elias, MD

Professor of Molecular Medicine
Department of Molecular Medicine
California Campus

Professional Experience

2017-2017 Assistant Professor Adjunct, Molecular Medicine, Scripps Research
2006-2017 Assistant Professor Adjunct, Molecular and Experimental Medicine (MEM), Scripps Research

Selected References

All Publications

Deguchi, H., Banerjee, Y., Elias, D. J. & Griffin, J. H. Elevated CETP lipid transfer activity is associated with the risk of venous thromboembolism. (2016). Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis, 23(10), 1159-1167. PMCID: PMC5064881.

Deguchi, H., Banerjee, Y., Trauger, S., Siuzdak, G., Kalisiak, E., Fernandez, J. A., Hoang, L., Tran, M., Yegneswaran, S., Elias, D. J. & Griffin, J. H. Acylcarnitines are anticoagulants that inhibit factor Xa and are reduced in venous thrombosis, based on metabolomics data. (2015). Blood, 126(13), 1595-1600. PMCID: PMC4582336.

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Deguchi, H., Elias, D. J., Trauger, S., Zhang, H. M., Kalisiak, E., Siuzdak, G. & Griffin, J. H. Warfarin untargeted metabolomics study identifies novel procoagulant ethanolamide plasma lipids. (2014). British Journal of Haematology, 165(3), 409-412. PMCID: PMC3984601.

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Pecheniuk, N. M., Elias, D. J., Xu, X. & Griffin, J. H. Failure to validate association of gene polymorphisms in EPCR, PAR-1, FSAP and protein S Tokushima with venous thromboembolism among Californians of European ancestry. (2008). Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 99(2), 453-455.