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Michael Bollong

Associate Professor
Early Career Endowed Roon Chair for Cardiovascular Research
Department of Chemistry


Research Focus

Using high throughput small molecule screens coupled with downstream target identification experiments, we identify new drug-like molecules and ligandable targets to study and to therapeutically target the biological responses governing mammalian regeneration and cell stress signaling. We complement these efforts with an additional focus on developing new high throughput and molecular diversity-based methods to accelerate biological discovery. To this end, we are developing platforms for profiling inhibitor-enzyme interactions en masse, deconvoluting the cellular targets for bioactive small molecules and peptides, and leveraging the chemical diversity present in existing chemical libraries as a source of new reactivity for covalent inhibitor design.


Ph.D. (Chemical Biology), Scripps Research, 2016
B.S. (Biochemistry and Cell Biology), University of California, San Diego, 2009

Professional Experience

2017-2020 Scripps Fellow, Chemistry, Scripps Research
2020-2023 Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Scripps Research
2023-Present Associate Professor, Chemistry, Scripps Research

Awards & Professional Activities

2020 Baxter Foundation Young Faculty Award
2022 Philip S. Portoghese Joint Lectureship Award
2023 Amgen Young Investigator Award

Selected Publications

Shalhout, Sophia Z.; Yang, Peng- Y.; Grzelak, Edyta M.; Nutsch, Kayla; Shao, Sida; Zambaldo, Claudio; Iaconelli, Jonathan; Ibrahim, Lara; Stanton, Caroline; Chadwick, Sto R.; Chen, Emily; DeRan, Michael; Li, Sijia; Hull, Mitchell; Wu, Xu; Chatterjee, Arnab K.; Shen, Weijun; Camargo, Fernan D.; Schultz, Peter G.; Bollong, Michael J. YAP-dependent proliferation by a small molecule targeting annexin A2. 2021, 17, 767-775.

Grzelak, Edyta M.; Elshan, N G R Dayan; Shao, Sida; Bulos, Maya L.; Joseph, Sean B.; Chatterjee, Arnab K.; Chen, Jian Jeffrey J.; Nguyên-Trân, Vân; Schultz, Peter G.; Bollong, Michael J. Pharmacological YAP activation promotes regenerative repair of cutaneous wounds. 2023, 120, e2305085120.

Zambaldo, Claudio; Vinogradova, Ekaterina V.; Qi, Xiaotian; Iaconelli, Jonathan; Suciu, Radu M.; Koh, Minseob; Senkane, Kristine; Chadwick, Sto R.; Sanchez, Brittany B B.; Chen, Ja S.; Chatterjee, Arnab K.; Liu, Peng; Schultz, Peter G.; Cravatt, Benjamin F.; Bollong, Michael J. 2-Sulfonylpyridines as Tunable, Cysteine-Reactive Electrophiles. 2020, 142, 8972-8979.

Ko, Yeonjin; Hong, Mannkyu; Lee, Seungbeom; Kumar, Manoj; Ibrahim, Lara; Nutsch, Kayla; Stanton, Caroline; Sondermann, Phillip; Sandoval, Braddock; Bulos, Maya L.; Iaconelli, Jonathan; Chatterjee, Arnab K.; Wiseman, R L.; Schultz, Peter G.; Bollong, Michael J. S-lactoyl modification of KEAP1 by a reactive glycolytic metabolite activates NRF2 signaling. 2023, 120, e2300763120.

Koh, Minseob; Ahmad, Insha; Ko, Yeonjin; Zhang, Yuxiang; Martinez, Thomas F.; Diedrich, Jolene K.; Chu, Qian; Moresco, James J J.; Erb, Mich A.; Saghatelian, Alan; Schultz, Peter G.; Bollong, Michael J. A short ORF-encoded transcriptional regulator. 2021, 118.

Bollong, Michael J.; Chen, Emily; Hull, Mitchell; Iaconelli, Jonathan; Ibrahim, Lara; Schultz, Peter G.

Small-Molecule Stimulators of NRF1 Transcriptional Activity

. ChemBioChem 2019, 21, 1816-1819.