Travel Procedures

International Services Office

Travel Inside the U.S.

The law requires all foreign nationals to carry visa documents with them at all times. In general, the police are satisfied if you have copies with you and can produce originals in a reasonable amount of time. Therefore, you should always have a copy of your immigration documents on your smartphone and/or in your purse or wallet in case you are stopped by the police. However, if you travel outside of your U.S. town/city, be sure to bring your original visa documents with you. This includes your passport, I-94 record and immigration document (DS-2019, I-20, EAD, etc.). It is particularly important to have original documents with you when travelling in a state that borders Mexico or Canada.

Travel Outside the U.S.

All international students and scholars at Scripps Research should submit a travel request as soon as a travel plan is being made. Please log into the VIVA database system and submit a travel request as early as possible, following the steps below. Once the ISO receives your request, we will review all your documents and advise you on additional documents or steps you must take for your particular travel plans.

To submit a travel request:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “login” link for international students and scholars.
  3. Enter your Scripps Research email ID and password information to login.
  4. Click on “Travel Request” in the box on the left, complete the form and click “Submit.”


All international students and scholars should seek approval from their PI/supervisor, prior to making any travel plans. In addition, currently enrolled Scripps Research graduate students must also seek approval from the Office of Graduate Studies (which funds your studies) prior to submitting a travel request.

Travel requests for graduated Scripps Research students do not require approval from the Office of Graduate Studies. However, travel can be risky once you have graduated, and particularly if you are either waiting for an F-1 OPT EAD or you have an EAD but no employment. Once you leave the U.S., obtaining a new F-1 visa stamp and/or being re-admitted into the U.S. is never guaranteed. Please contact the ISO for an in-depth discussion of your specific circumstance and any risks that may be involved.