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In the case of California residents, a state income tax return must also be filed by April 15 of the current calendar year. Florida residents are not required to file a state income tax return. Many Americans find the system difficult to navigate, so they decide to hire a tax accountant to assist in filing an accurate and complete tax return. Many other Americans use a tax software package to help them file their federal and state income tax returns.

Staff at Scripps Research cannot advise on tax matters. Scripps Research does not have staff that are trained or licensed to answer questions or provide advice concerning tax matters. Tax law is a separate area of law which is complex and often requires assistance from a tax expert (most commonly a certified public accountant or registered tax return preparer). For most international students and scholars, it is possible to file taxes without personal assistance by using an online tax preparation software, like one of those listed below. However, for those who have complex financial situations, or who need help in person to file either their state or federal tax return forms, there are also tax preparation accountants and services listed below. 

The following resources are provided for informational purposes. The International Services Office or Scripps Research does not verify or endorse any specific tax expert, service, product or resource.