Welcome to the Romesberg Lab

at The Scripps Research Institute in California

Who we are What we do
  • arylomycin A-C16
  • ubp
  • anti-HNE aptamer
  • anti-HNE aptamer

Romesberg lab research

We use chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, and spectroscopy to understand how evolution tailors protein function, to improve on evolution through the expansion of the genetic alphabet, and to develop novel antibiotics and aptamers.


Can we unmask broad-spectrum activity from old natural products?


What happens when bacteria store information using a six-letter alphabet?


How can we evolve stable polymers to bind any target?


What is the relationship between protein dynamics and function?

Recent Publications

AW Feldman, et al., JACS

MP Ledbetter, et al., JACS

M Holcomb, et al., JPCA

AW Feldman, et al., Acc Chem Res

Open postdoctoral position

Are you a microbiologist looking to apply your expertise to developing signal peptidase inhibitors and characterizing the response to secretion stress in bacteria? Contact Prof. Romesberg today!