Dave Milsom

Title: Human Resources Records Supervisor.

Duties: To oversee the processing and organizing of Scripps Research personnel records. "We process several hundred record changes each week, including new hires, retirements, promotions, address changes, benefits changes...."

Started at Scripps Research: November 2003. "Luckily, Marilyn Gutierrez had several months to teach me the intricacies of the system before she retired."

Goals: To streamline record keeping while maintaining the flexibility to respond to special circumstances. Also, to take advantage of technology. "I'll be looking at the possibility of moving to an employee self-service online system for entries such as address changes."

Background: B.A. in International Relations from the University of Delaware. Jobs in the record industry before a position as Human Resources information systems analyst for Seagram/Vivendi Universal in New York.

Favorite Part of the Job: "I enjoy working with data. I also appreciate the atmosphere at Scripps. The people are great and everyone seems happy to be here."

Moved to San Diego: September 2003. "The weather in San Diego is terrific, but I'm still getting used to the slower pace of life after New York City."

Extracurriculars: Making home recordings and playing in bands (guitar, drums, bass). Training for marathons (he's run the New York Marathon twice) and, more recently, trail running. Spending time with his girlfriend, Laura, and 13-year-old cat, Foot-foot.


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Dave Milsom oversees the processing and organizing of Scripps Research personnel records. Photo by Kevin Fung.