Morgan Hoffman

Title: Special projects manager, The Scripps Research Institute's Facilities, Planning, and Construction Department.

Duties: Overseeing projects, from lab renovations to exterior site preparation for art installations. The job often involves working with principal investigators to conceptualize lab design, managing architectural, engineering, and building contractors, acquiring permits, reading, interpreting, and explaining project drawings, coordinating relocations, and performing budgeting and analysis.

Favorite Part of Job: "That's a tough one! I like working with intelligent, highly educated people. I enjoy the challenge of being a diplomatic advisor, planning, and organizing assignments. But my favorite part is working closely with the directors, managers, and various support staff as part of a team."

Goal: "To create the best possible conditions for research."

Advice for Researchers Remodeling Their Labs: "Researchers should tell me everything they want in a lab. We might not have the resources to provide for all of their requests immediately, but we can set the stage for future improvements. It is easiest to work from a complete and exhaustive design."

Started at Scripps Research: 1990, in Facilities Operations. Moved to Planning and Construction in 1998. "My Facilities Management background gives me insight into sustainability and maintenance issues in lab design."

Background: Associate Degree of Administration of Justice, Miramar College. Two years in the U.S. Army as reconnaissance squad leader fulfilling Army College Fund and GI Bill requirements. Certificate in Facilities Management, University of California at San Diego.

Family Life: Wife, Jolie; sons, Alexander and Nicholas, ages nine and seven; and champion show dog, Rex.

Extracurriculars: Coaching his son's soccer team, home improvement projects, karate, kickboxing, golf, surfing, running, working out, and road trips to the Colorado river with his family.




Morgan Hoffman is currently overseeing site preparation for the Andy Goldsworthy sculpture "Oak Cairn." Photo by Kevin Fung.