W. M. Keck Professor of Chemistry

Barry Sharpless, Ph.D.

Organic/Inorganic Chemist
W. M. Keck Professor of Chemistry
The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI)
10550 North Torrey Pines Road, BCC-315
La Jolla, California 92037
Tel: 858.784.7505

Born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 28, 1941

Dartmouth College, B.A., 1963, research supervisor Thomas A. Spencer
Stanford University, Ph.D., 1968, organic chemistry, supervisor Eugene E. Van Tamelen
Stanford University, Postdoc, 1968, inorganic/organometallic chemistry, supervisor James P. Collman
Harvard University, Postdoc, 1969, enzymology, supervisor Konrad E. Bloch

Massachusetts Institute of Technology faculty1970-7, 1980-90, Arthur C. Cope Professor from 1987
Stanford University faculty, 1977-80
The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) faculty, W. M. Keck Professor, 1990-
Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology at TSRI, 1996-

National Science Foundation Doctoral Fellow, 1963
National Institute of Health Postdoctoral Fellow, 1968
A. P. Sloan Foundation Fellow, 1973
Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Fellow, 1973
American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow, 1984
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fellow, 1984
National Academy of Sciences, Member, 1985
Sherman Fairchild Foundation Fellow, California Institute of Technology, 1987
Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellow, 1987
Dartmouth College, Honorary Doctorate, 1995
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Honorary Doctorate, 1995
Technical University of Munich, Honorary Doctorate, 1995
Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, Honorary Doctorate, 1996
Royal Society of Chemistry, Great Britain, Honorary Fellow, 1997
Wesleyan University, Honorary Doctorate, 1999
Kitasato Institute, Honorary Member, Tokyo, 2002
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Distinguished Honorary Professor, 2002
National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Honorary Doctorate, 2004
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Honorary Professor and Member, Academic Committee, 2004
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Honorary Doctorate, 2007
Nanjing University, Honorary Professor, 2008
Kyushu University, Distinguished University Professor, 2010
Tianjin University, China, Honorary Professor, 2010
Florida Center for Heterocyclic Compounds, University of Florida, Honorary Fellow, 2011
Nankai University, Tianjin, China, Honorary Professor, 2012

Award for Creative Work in Organic Synthesis, 1983
Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award, 1986
Harrison Howe Award, Rochester Section, 1987
Ira Remsen Award, Maryland Section, 1989
Arthur C. Cope Award, 1992
San Diego Scientist of the Year, San Diego Section, 1992
Roger Adams Award in Organic Chemistry, 1997
Top 75 contributors to the Chemical Enterprise, Chemical & Engineering News, 1998
Theodore William Richards Medal, Northeastern Section, 1998
Wallace Carothers Award, Delaware Section, 1999
William H. Nichols Medalist, New York Section, 2006
F. A. Cotton Medal, Texas A&M Section, 2014

Pfizer Distinguished Lecturer, Michigan State University, 1984
Allan R Day Award, Philadelphia Organic Chemists' Club, 1985
H. C. Brown Lecturer, Purdue University, 1985
Inaugural Paul Janssen Prize for Creativity in Organic Synthesis, 1986
American Institute of Chemists Chemical Pioneer Award, 1988
Vladimir Prelog Medal for Stereochemistry, ETH, Zurich, 1988
Rolf Sammet Award, Gothe Universitat, Frankfurt-am-Main, 1988
Smissman Medal, University of Kansas, 1989
Dartmouth College, Dreyfus Lecturer, 1989
Scheele Medal, Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 1991
Tetrahedron Prize, 1993
Centenary Lecture Medalist, Royal Society of Chemistry, Great Britain, 1993
Burger Lecture, University of Virginia, 1993
Nelson Leonard Distinguished Lecturer, University of Illinois, 1993
Turner Memorial Lecturer, Rice University, 1994
Cliff Hamilton Lectureship, University of Nebraska, 1995
King Faisal International Prize in Science, Saudi Arabia, 1995
Melvin Calvin Lectureship, University of California at Berkeley, 1995
Gilbert Stork Lecturer, Columbia University, 1996
Inaugural Barton Lecturer, Texas A&M, 1997
Microbial Chemistry Medal, Kitasato Institute, Tokyo, 1997
Harvey Science and Technology Prize, Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), Haifa, 1998
Paul N. Rylander Award, Organic Reactions Catalysis Society, 2000
Rhone Poulenc Medal, Royal Society of Chemistry, United Kingdo, 2000
Chemical Sciences Award, National Academy of Sciences, 2000
Chirality Medal, Italian Chemical Society, 2000
Edgar Fahs Smith Lecture, University of Pennsylvania, 2000
Gooch-Stephens Lecture, Baylor University, 2001
Reuben Benjamin Sandin Lecture, University of Alberta, 2001
Benjamin Franklin Medal, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, 2001
Wolf Prize, Weizmann Institute, Tel Aviv, 2001
John Scott Medal Award, City of Philadelphia, 2001
Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2001
Inaugural Cornforth Lecture, dedication of Cornforth Foundation for Chemistry, U of Sydney, 2002
Danforth Lecture, Grinnell College, 2002
Fred H. Robbins Lectures, Pomona College, 2003
Melvin Calvin Lectureship, University of California at Berkeley, 2003
Sessler Lecture, Stanford University, 2005
Novartis Central Europe Lecturer, 2005
Grand Gold Medal of Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2005
Inaugural Masamune Memorial Lecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006
Inaugural Jeremiah P. Freeman Organic Synthesis Lecture, Notre Dame University 2006
Backer Lecture, University of Groningen, Netherlands, 2006
Wheeler Lecture, University College Dublin, 2006
Closs Lecture, University of Chicago, 2006
C. S. Marvel Lecture, University of Illinois, 2007
Johnston Lecturer, Emory University, 2007
Dartmouth College, Dreyfus Lecturer, 2009
George Olah Lecturer, University of Southern California, 2009
Jose Medal of Honor, Institute of Chemistry of Sao Carlos, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2010
Andrew D. Dorsey Memorial Award Lecture, University of California at Berkeley, 2011
Abbott Lecturer, University of Wisconsin, 2011
Shain Colloquium Lecturer, University of Wisconsin, 2011
Seo Nam Distinguished Scholar Lecture, Seoul National University, 2012
Donald J. Cram Lecture, University of California at Los Angeles, 2013
Tsinghua University Top Talk, 2013
August Wilheim von Hofmann Lectureship, The German Chemical Society, 2015
Max Tischler Award Lecture, Tufts University, 2015

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Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan
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