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Distribution of Primary MSCs from the Bone Marrow of Inbred, Transgenic and Knockout Mouse Strains to the Research Community

Our laboratory recently received funding from the Director’s Office of NIH to provide primary MSCs (click here for details about how cells are manufactured) isolated from the bone marrow of inbred, knockout and transgenic mice to the larger research community.  MSCs will be provided upon request to researchers for a minimal fee to cover shipping costs, which will be waived for hardship cases. We are currently generating stocks of cells from commonly used inbred strains of mice.  In the event a PI requests cells from other commonly available strains, the cost to purchase mice will be defrayed by the grant and those cells made available to the larger research community.  If the strain is not available from commercial sources, the PI must supply live mice and/or bone marrow to our lab for cell isolation.  MSCs isolated from mouse strains generated using NIH funding will be made available to the scientific community in line with the NIH policy on resource sharing.  MSCs isolated from mouse strains generated using private funds will only be shared with other laboratories after consent from the strain creator.   To request cells please email Dr. Phinney's administrator, Lynn Talaia (