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Phinney Lab Publications

The following articles were published by Don Phinney, his lab members and his collaborators.

Boregowda SV, Ghoshal S, Booker CN, Krishnappa V, Chakraborty A, Phinney DG.  (2017)  IP6K1 Reduces Mesenchymal STem/Stromal Cell Fitness and Potentiates High Fat Diet-Induced Skeletal Involution.  Stem Cells.  [Epub ahead of print]

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Isakova IA, Baker KC, Dufour J, Phinney DG.  (2017)  Mesenchymal Stem Cells Yield Transient Improvements in Motor Function of an Infant Rhesus Macaque with severe Early-Onset Krabee Disease.  Stem Cells Transl Med.  (1):99-109.

Haga, CL, Velagapudi SP, Childs-Disney JL, Strivelli J, Disney MD, Phinney DG.  (2017)  Rapid Generation of miRNA Inhibitor Leads by Bioinformatics and Efficient High-Throughput Screening Methods.  Methods Mol Biol.  1517:179-198.

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Phinney DG, Di Giuseppe M, Njah J, Sala E, Shiva S., St Croix CM, Stolz DB, Watkins SC, Di YP, Leikauf GD, Kolls J, Riches DW, Deiuliis G, Kaminski N, Boregowda SV, McKenna DH, Ortiz LA.  (2015)  Mesenchymal stem cells use extracellular vesicles to outsource mitophagy and shuttle microRNAs.  Nat Commun.  6:8472.

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Book Chapters:

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Edited Books:

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