Vol 11. Issue 27 / September 12, 2011

Discovery Suggests Way to Block Fetal Brain Damage Produced by Oxygen Deprivation - The findings from the Chun lab open the door to addressing the numerous developmental disorders that can arise when fetuses are deprived of oxygen in the womb.

Bicoastal Team Pinpoints Shape-Shifting Mechanism Critical to Protein Signaling - The findings from the Griffin and Stevens labs show how form controls function in a sought-after therapeutic target.

Chi-Huey Wong Receives Arthur C. Cope Award

Jin-Quan Yu Named Arthur C. Cope Scholar

2011-2012 ARCS Foundation Scholars Announced

Scientists Reengineer an Antibiotic to Overcome Dangerous Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

AIDS Researchers Isolate New Potent and Broadly Effective Antibodies Against HIV

Tenet Florida and Scripps Research Announce Collaboration to Build Academic Medical Center

Scientists Create Vaccine Against Heroin High

Discovery of Natural Antibody Brings a Universal Flu Vaccine a Step Closer

Team Solves Mystery of Nerve Disease Genes

Team Sheds New Light on How Blood Clots Form

Led by Advances in Chemical Synthesis, Team Discovers that a Rare Natural Product Has Potent Pain-Killing Propertiesy

New Class of Compounds Offers Great R&D Potential



Scientists Produce First Stem Cells From Endangered Species in Hopes of Strengthening Populations - The Loring lab has produced stem cells from the drill and northern white rhino.