Vol 11. Issue 25 / August 29, 2011

Team Finds Easier, Cheaper Way to Make a Sought-After Chemical Modification to Pharmaceuticals - The new method from the Baran lab simplifies the improvement of drugs and other compounds.

Scientists Expand Knowledge of Cell Process Involved in Many Diseases - The new findings from the Karbstein lab reveal the structure of an assembly intermediate of the small ribosomal subunit.

Slideshow: A Summer of Science - Students and teachers on both coasts took advantage of the summer months to immerse themselves in a hands-on laboratory experience.

Sergio Catz and Stephanie Cherqui Awarded Grants to Support Cystinosis Research

Kevin Walsh Receives American Society of Virology Travel Award

Luis Tuesta Awarded NIH Grant

Three Florida Interns Win Travel Awards

Tenet Florida and Scripps Research Announce Collaboration to Build Academic Medical Center

Scientists Create Vaccine Against Heroin High

Discovery of Natural Antibody Brings a Universal Flu Vaccine a Step Closer

Team Solves Mystery of Nerve Disease Genes

Team Sheds New Light on How Blood Clots Form

Led by Advances in Chemical Synthesis, Team Discovers that a Rare Natural Product Has Potent Pain-Killing Propertiesy

New Class of Compounds Offers Great R&D Potential

Slideshow: Scripps Research Holds 19th Commencement

Researchers Show How Shifts in Temperature Prime Immune Response



AIDS Researchers Isolate New Potent and Broadly Effective Antibodies Against HIV - The discovery provides new directions for AIDS vaccine design.