Vol 11. Issue 23 / August 1, 2011

Scripps Research Hosts Breast Cancer Research Advocates — "Every day there is hope here," Associate Professor Brunhilde Felding-Habermann told a group of advocates from Project LEAD.

Center Takes on Challenge of Early Drug Discovery — The bicoastal Molecular Screening Center at Scripps Research aims to spur the discovery of proof-of-concept molecules that could be useful in developing new treatments for a large number of human diseases.

Jean-Christophe Ducom — Meet High-Performance Computing Manager Jean-Christophe Ducom.

Vanessa Saunders Wins Fellowship to Study Cancer

Discovery of Natural Antibody Brings a Universal Flu Vaccine a Step Closer

Team Solves Mystery of Nerve Disease Genes

Team Sheds New Light on How Blood Clots Form

Led by Advances in Chemical Synthesis, Team Discovers that a Rare Natural Product Has Potent Pain-Killing Propertiesy

New Class of Compounds Offers Great R&D Potential

Slideshow: Scripps Research Holds 19th Commencement

Researchers Show How Shifts in Temperature Prime Immune Response

Study Suggests Enzyme Crucial to DNA Replication May Provide Potent Anti-Cancer Drug Target

Scientists Develop Compound that Effectively Halts Progression of Multiple Sclerosise

Scientists Find E. Coli Enzyme Must Move to Function



Scientists Create Vaccine Against Heroin High
The vaccine, from the Janda and Koob labs, may hold promise for those who want to break their heroin addiction.