Vol 11. Issue 2 / January 17, 2011

Team Creates Novel Vaccine that Produces Strong Immunuty Against Cocaine High — The vaccine is poised to move quickly into human trials.

Scientists Identify Key Interaction in Hepatitis C Virus — The findings from the Strosberg lab point toward a novel target for anti-viral drugs.

Study Uncovers Switch Controlling Protein Production — The findings from the Karbstein lab could point to new approaches to cancer studies and treatment.

Thomas Burris and Ehud Keinan Named AAAS Fellows

Raymond Moellering Awarded HHMI Damon Runyon Fellowship

Keary Engle Recognized as 2011 Cross Scholar


Team Develops Groundbreaking Technology to Detect Alzheimer's Disease

Scientists Home In on Chemicals Needed to Reprogram Cells

Team Devises Broad New Technique for Screening Proteins

Team Reports Molecular Structure of Dopamine Receptor

Putting Down Roots: Franck Polleux Explores the Brain's Dynamic Beginnings

Team Implicates Wayward DNA-Repair Enzyme in Friedreich's Ataxia

Scientists Uncover Possible Cocaine Addiction Trigger

Team "Watches" Formation of Cells' Protein Factories for First Time

Scientists Develop Novel Test that Identifies River Blindness Parasite in its Active State

Scientists Reveal First Structure of a Class of Proteins that Sniff Out Signals Guiding Blood Cell Movement

Scripps Research and Vanderbilt to Launch Joint Institute – The new partnership will focus on the interface of chemistry and medicine.