Vol 10. Issue 35 / November 15, 2010

Scientists Identify New Mechanism Regulating Daily Biological Rhythms — The findings from the Burris lab offer a novel target for the treatment of sleep disorders, diabetes, and cancer.

SMART Teams Begin Year-Long Exploration of Molecules — "The students devote a tremendous amount of their own time to the program," says Educational Outreach Coordinator Marisela Chevez.

K. C. Nicolaou Wins Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry

Sanja Arandjelovic Receives Arthritis Foundation Special Research Award

Team Implicates Wayward DNA-Repair Enzyme in Friedreich's Ataxia

Scientists Uncover Possible Cocaine Addiction Trigger

Team "Watches" Formation of Cells' Protein Factories for First Time

Scientists Develop Novel Test that Identifies River Blindness Parasite in its Active State

Scientists Reveal First Structure of a Class of Proteins that Sniff Out Signals Guiding Blood Cell Movement

Scientists Reveal Structure of Dangerous Bacteria's Powerful Multidrug Resistance Pump

Scripps Research Scientists Win $65 Million in New Grants

Scientists Solve Long-Standing Mystery of Protein "Quality Control" Mechanism

Scientists Identify Molecules Involved in Touch and Other Mechanically Activated Systems

Team Discovers New Type of Anti-Malarial Compound

Putting Down Roots: Franck Polleux Explores the Brain's Dynamic Beginnings
Professor Franck Polleux studies cortical development, drawn by the brain region's obvious importance and the challenge of studying its early growth spurt.