Vol 10. Issue 27 / September 20, 2010

In Memoriam: Keith McKeown (1945 – 2010) — Keith McKeown, who was Scripps Research vice president of communications and public relations for the last eight years, used his professional skills for social betterment and social change.

New Study Suggests Changes in Diagnosis and Treatment of Malaria
An examination of the genome of a population of malaria parasites reveals evidence of antibiotic resistance.

Scripps Research Team Wins $5.1 Million to Develop DNA Sequencing Technology
Professor Reza Ghadiri and colleagues will develop a novel method called "nanopore strand sequencing."

Geoffrey Chang Wins EUREKA Award

Team Discovers New Type of Anti-Malarial Compound

Scientists Unveil Structure of Adenovirus, the Largest High-Resolution Complex Ever Found

Scientists Uncover Possible Cocaine Addiction Trigger

Study Opens the Door to Developing a New Class of Drugs for Treating Epileptic Seizures

Scientists Uncover Previously Unknown Natural Mechanism that Controls Cocaine Use

Institute Expands Summer Internship Programs

Scientists Determine Structure of Immune Molecule that Counteracts Many Strains of HIV

Scripps Research Institute Dedicates Dorris Neuroscience Center

Scientists Find Chemical Signal from Predators That Sparks Fear in Mice

Team Discovers Body's Own Molecular Protection Against Arthritis

Scientists Identify Molecules Involved in Touch and Other Mechanically Activated Systems
The findings from the Patapoutian lab could lead to new treatment approaches in pain, deafness, and cardiac function.