Vol 10. Issue 13 / April 19, 2010

International Team Finds Structure of Protein Important for Bacterial Virulence
The structure provides new insights into pneumonia, sepsis, and other infections.

Innovative Molecular Biologist Joins Cancer Biology Department
Assistant Professor Min Guo studies cellular mechanisms involved directly in protein production.

Kevin Morris Wins Outstanding New Investigator Award

Karima Begriche Wins Endocrine Society Award

Four Kellogg School Students Receive NSF Fellowships

Sandra Schmid to Present NIH Lecture

Green Expo Reduces Footprints

Study Shows Compulsive Eating Shares Addictive Biochemical Mechanism with Cocaine, Heroine Abuse

Scripps Research Team Finds Structure of "Swine Flu" Virus

Light Activated "Warhead" Turns Modest Molecules into Super Protein Killers

Scientists Identify Age-Associated Defects in Schizophrenia

Courtney Miller's Compass

Team Reveals How An Old Drug Could Have A New Use for Treating River Blindness

Scientists Find Two Compounds that Lay the Foundation for a New Class of AIDS Drug

Team Finds Stress Hormone Key to Alcohol Dependence

Scientists Find Cancer Cells Co-opt Fat Metabolism Pathway to Become More Malignant

Team Wins Global Race to Achieve Landmark Synthesis of Perplexing Natural Product

New Nano-Tool Synthesized at Scripps Research
The research, from the Rebek lab, shows the "ouroborand" molecular switch resembles a tail-eating lizard.