Vol 9. Issue 35 / November 16, 2009

Making the Case – Will zebrafish be the next big thing in animal models? Assistant Professor Shuji Kishi thinks so.

Finding Flow – "Flow is being in the zone," said psychologist Steve Sprinkle, director of the counseling office at the University of San Diego, at a recent Lunch & Learn seminar for employees.

Governor Lauds Scripps Florida as Spark for State's Future

Anastasia Kralli and Subhash Sinha Win DOD Grants

Reza Ghadiri and Philip Dawson Receive du Vigneaud Awards

Moustaches for a Cause

Floor Three

New Consortium Led by Scripps Research Scientists Awarded $10 Million by National Cancer Institute

Team Led by Scripps Research and UC San Diego Scientists Reveals Secrets of Drought Resistance

Ronald Davis Joins Scripps Florida as Founding Chair of New Neuroscience Department

An Eye to the Future

Scientists Find Missing Piece of Powerful DNA Repair Puzzle

Mechanism for Potential Friedreich's Ataxia Drug Uncovered

Two New Antibodies Found to Cripple HIV

Team Shows Switching Between Sugary and Regular–Tasting Diet Can Activate Brain's Stress System and Lead to "Withdrawal" Symptoms
A study from the Zorrilla lab shows that a vicious circle of compulsive eating and anxiety can result.