Vol 9. Issue 19 / June 15, 2009

Arlene & Arnold Goldstein Foundation Gives $1.5 Million to Scripps Research - The new gift will fund research on protein-folding diseases and the recruitment of a new assistant professor, R. Luke Wiseman.

Structure of the HIV Protein Shell Reveals Clues for New Therapies - "No one had been able to visualize the CA hexamer at atomic resolution," says Professor Mark Yeager.

Team Creates Simple Chemical System that Mimics DNA - Recent research from the Ghadiri laboratory offers possible clues about the primordial world and could eventually lead to exotic new materials.

Scripps Research Faculty Welcome Max Planck Florida's New Scientific Director

Institute Makes Charity Navigator's Top Ten

Charles Weissmann Awarded Honorary Membership in ISICR

SusAnn Winbush Wins National Research Service Award

Emily Plummer Awarded American Heart Association Fellowship

Ian Seiple Honored with Roche's Excellence in Chemistry Award

Endeavor Magazine Wins Award of Excellence

Eric Topol to Speak on "The Future of Wireless Medicine"

A Potential New MS Treatment's Long and Winding Road

Scripps Research Holds 17th Commencement

Scientists Determine Workings of Potentially Useful Virus

Team Invents First Technique for Producing Promising Anti-Leukemia Agent

A Major Breakthrough in Generating Safer, Therapeutic Stem Cells from Adult Cells

Scientists Model 3-D Structures of Proteins that Control Human Clock

New High-Throughput Screening Technique Makes Probing Puzzling Proteins Possible

Scientists Find Structure of a Protein that Makes Cancer Cells Resistant to Chemotherapy

Team Led by Scripps Research Scientists Finds New Way that Cells Fix Damage to DNA - The proteins responsible for this type of DNA repair may also limit the effectiveness of chemotherapy agents, which aim to injure tumor DNA.