Vol 9. Issue 16 / May 11, 2009

New Foundation Funds Scripps Research Team - Investigators Argyrios Theofilopoulos and Roberto Baccala will receive support to study neuromyelitis optica (NMO) from the Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation.

Diane Wildman - Meet Diane Wildman, administrative manager for Scripps Florida.

Baran Paper Is JACS's Most Accessed in 2008

Team Invents First Technique for Producing Promising Anti-Leukemia Agent

A Major Breakthrough in Generating Safer, Therapeutic Stem Cells from Adult Cells

Scientists Model 3-D Structures of Proteins that Control Human Clock

New High-Throughput Screening Technique Makes Probing Puzzling Proteins Possible

Scientists Find Structure of a Protein that Makes Cancer Cells Resistant to Chemotherapy

Scientists "Watch" as Individual Alpha-Synuclein Proteins Change Shape

Scripps Research Scientists Mentor Students in New SMART Program

Scientists Engineer New Type of Vaccination that Provides Instant Immunity

Scientists Determine Workings of Potentially Useful Virus - Researchers from the Manchester lab move a step closer to using virus particles as drug "delivery" agents.