Vol 9. Issue 15 / May 4, 2009

Darwin in a Test Tube - Researchers from the Joyce lab make molecules that evolve and compete, mimicking the behavior of Darwin's finches.

Scripps Research Appoints Two New Faculty Members to the Department of Metabolism and Aging in Florida - "Both new faculty members bring extraordinary talent and creativity," says department chair Roy Smith.

Scripps Research Wins CIRM Grants

Effort to Develop Biofuels from Algae Gains Momentum

A Major Breakthrough in Generating Safer, Therapeutic Stem Cells from Adult Cells

Scientists Model 3-D Structures of Proteins that Control Human Clock

New High-Throughput Screening Technique Makes Probing Puzzling Proteins Possible

Scientists Find Structure of a Protein that Makes Cancer Cells Resistant to Chemotherapy

Scientists "Watch" as Individual Alpha-Synuclein Proteins Change Shape

Scripps Research Scientists Mentor Students in New SMART Program

Scientists Engineer New Type of Vaccination that Provides Instant Immunity

Opening Ceremonies Celebrate New Scripps Florida Biomedical Research Facilities

Team Invents First Technique for Producing Promising Anti-Leukemia Agent - The new synthesis, from the Baran lab, should boost research stalled for more than a decade by inadequate supplies.