Vol 9. Issue 12 / April 6, 2009

JUST Fellow Brings Together Research and Teaching - Kris Koudelka is thriving as a fellow of the Joint University of San Diego-Scripps Training Program (JUST) program.

Ming Chen Wins Graduate Fellowship from Anonymous Donor

Paul Johnson Wins Bank of America Fellowship

Students See Science Up Close at Scripps Research

Scientists Find Structure of a Protein that Makes Cancer Cells Resistant to Chemotherapy

Scientists "Watch" as Individual Alpha-Synuclein Proteins Change Shape

Scripps Research Scientists Mentor Students in New SMART Program

Scientists Engineer New Type of Vaccination that Provides Instant Immunity

Opening Ceremonies Celebrate New Scripps Florida Biomedical Research Facilities

Scientists Create First Crystal Structure of an Intermediate Particle in Virus Assembly

Team Increases Understanding of Two Types of Blindness, Bolsters Simple Prevention Strategy, and Develops Gene Therapy Option

Scientists Uncover Potential New Target for Schizophrenia Treatment

New High-Throughput Screening Technique Makes Probing Puzzling Proteins Possible - The research, from the Cravatt lab, will allow identification of numerous potential treatments, including for cancer.